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The Proposal Writer: Your Organization's Secret Weapon

Proposal writers are the hidden, unsung heroes of the sales process, crafting compelling and persuasive documents that secure new clients and contracts. But what if I told you that the skills of a proposal writer are not limited to RFPs and bids? Their expertise in creating engaging content can be leveraged across your organization, from web copy to marketing collateral. A proposal writer can provide value to various business functions in many ways, elevating your company's brand, messaging, and growth.

Part 1: Requesting a Debrief – Why You Should Almost Always Do It and How to Request One

Probably one of the most highly debated parts of the entire debrief request process is the assignment of responsibilities—Sales Team vs. Proposal Team. However, when it comes to requesting a debrief, it truly depends on the client relationship as well as the structure of the organization. If a Sales Lead is assigned to the client and manages the relationship, then it’s best to have the Sales Lead request the debrief; the Sales Lead currently acts as the client’s main point of contact and is a fa

Understanding the Difference: Proposal Manager, Proposal Writer, and Proposal Coordinator

Proposals are comprehensive documents that outline a company's capabilities, approach, and pricing to win potential clients. They are critical in securing new contracts and opportunities with prospective and existing clients. Behind the scenes, key roles are involved in creating a compelling proposal, including a proposal manager, writer, and coordinator. While these roles may sound similar, they each have distinct responsibilities and contributions to the proposal development process.

ChatGPT & AI: Friend or Foe?

Conversational and writing AI software has been on the rise this past year with the astounding – or infamous – ChatGPT that has taken the world by storm. It’s a topic of conversation that certainly divides rooms; many see conversational AI as a win for convenience. No more hours of research, trying to overcome writer’s block, or even needing to read a book before writing an essay. We now have a website to do it all for us. Meanwhile, there’s the other side of the room that immediately thought of

Redefining What It Means To Win

Winning, or should I say the significance of winning, has been ingrained in us from when we first opened our eyes at birth. “Yay! You did it. Congratulations. You did it better than anyone else ever could have.” There are tons of articles that look at how the drive to win is either innately biological or driven by society. But, we’re going to skip all that.

It is irrefutable that we are under an infinite amount pressure to win. But winning looks different for everyone. Everyone applauds the win

The Odd Uneven Time

August is a month of transitions – from hot, sultry days to nights with a whisper of chill; from languid summer evenings and sleeping in late to hurried (and harried) early mornings. In fact, Sylvia Plath, the dynamic and incisive poet, wrote: “August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.” And, for most of us, August is a month that ushers in the rituals of “back to school time”.

During the “odd, uneven” month, we may experience sticky, persisten

A Record Breaking Summer

Without a doubt, we have all felt the rise in temperatures this past summer. From the drought in Texas to the record breaking humidity on the east coast, these past few months have been pretty brutal. More and more countries have been making additional efforts and pledges to reduce carbon emissions and more people have been stepping up personally, whether it’s investing in the super trendy 100% cotton reusable tote bags for grocery shopping or buying electric vehicles. For those who have histori